letter to santa, 2005
Andrew's letter to Santa, 2005:


Dear Santa, (1)

This year, For Cristmas, I would like a few things.  Starting, I would like 7 Thomas things.  (Don't worry, 6 of them are small. P.S. They are Thomas takealongs.  And last, one of them is just, just a engine.) First, Read! 1) Breaking wall. DVD: Thomas and the special letter (Tip. You do not have to give me the DVDs If you Don't want to, Because that might waste your money.  2) (Tip: the thing(s) that are ____________ed are what I really want.) Turn for more.

Dear Santa, (2)

2.) Falling tree. DVD: James and the Trouble with trees. 3.) Breaking Gate. DVD: Percy Takes a Plunge. 4.) Squirting Elephant DVD: Henry and the Elephant. Tumbling Barrels DVD: Gordon takes a tumble.  Engine: SPENCER.  Last, I would like: Remote control Harold Heliport Remote Control Playset. Last last, I would like Pokemon Balls at the store close to our M [ed. "golden arches"] near the library. When you're done reading the note on the right read here ->With Ace. The helpful place. Last, last, LAST, I would only if you find it Xialion ShowDown Playset with OMIE, CLAY, RIMUNDO, RIMIKIO, Jack Spicer, Wuya, Chase Young, Jack Bots, Jo-Jo, Cyclops, and Solon, Merry Cristmas Andrew PS thanks

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