savannah photos

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friday - atlanta to savannah

terminal b, as in "fafa"
visitor center with old post office
the elusive "ghost" visitor center
horrible car rental line with crabby customer
"sweetheart, honey"
waffle house
waffle house
waffle house
waffle house
fincher's bbq in macon
great hotel - inn at ellis square (except the hot water is cold. DOH!!!!)
moon river slow-vannah ale
meet chase, the bartender
vinnie van go-go's pizza ([with russian accent: "it's pest city houle on de lift"])
walk on waterfront - art fair
wait. wait. wait. wait.
off to a great start fincher's bbq sweet!!!old blackwell post office old blackwell post office

saturday and sunday - savannah sights


girl scout discounts! where can we get a vest?
public art everywhere
scad - savannah college of art and design
'47 and '53 police cars
mimosa, magnolia, live oak trees, oleanders, spanish moss
six pence pub
sweetwater ale
"would you like a beer to go?" "well, why wouldn'tcha?"
weed-sorrell house
marshall house
pining for monsieur dutoit
incredible architecture, iron work and gardens
some ghost stories
birthday cake ice cream
candy store
back to art fair
susan trades her moon river beer for a jewelry discount and another beer
shopscad store!!
jingle bells composer marker
kayak cafe - awesome salads
"that big rock must be sump'n" "it's sump'n sump'n"
original storefronts left intact by new businesses
kennedy pharmacy - scad project
huge thunderstorm; duck into store!
pink house and the 1771 planter's bar - stephen the bartender who leaves his post to give us a tour
hilarious jaeger sign in the bottle shop
dinner at alligator soul - susan "touched by a waiter"
grits and fried green tomatoes
evening at clubone - the lady chablis performs (with no lipstick on her teeth)
run into chase; meet billie
susan touched by a drag queen


waterfront walk
one-eyed lizzie margarita - fantastic even when hung over from drag show!
oglethorpe trolley tour
laughing at the people standing three blocks deep to get a reservation at paula deen's
churches - first and second african baptist
pirate house - interesting bartender whose dad was a dj in the 1950s (bruce the moose)
owens-thomas house
southern lady tour guide - "don't touch or lean on anything--but of course, y'all already know that"
more squares
forrest gump bench
weird, scary smiling face on the airport xray
mmm! funyuns and weird doritos!
ghost tour with amanda - ghost cat smoking a cigar
gorgeous ironwork
threatening to buy teresa an airbrushed vacation shirt with palm trees, a sunset and "Savannah, 2008" on it
yellow zeppelins in high heels!
gourmet pimiento cheese sandwiches at parker's market
lost grey brick recipe
sherman's soldiers camped in the colonial cemetery - defaced markers and removed remains to sleep in crypts
"dead ringer" and "saved by the bell"
cobblestone streets were stones used as ballast from european ships; dumped at the waterfront and made into roads
"he's got a little [whatever] in him"
weird greek salad (lettuce, feta, mozarella and a tortilla bowl, with 53 olives)
she-crab soup
 savannah savannah savannah savannah savannahsavannahsavannah  savannah  savannah  savannah scad auditorium - restored theaterscad auditorium - restored theater savannah savannah  savannah grey brick - hand-made by slaves savannah savannah first african baptist churchfirst african baptist churchsavannah savannahsavannah savannahsavannah  savannah savannahsavannah forrest gump bench mmm! pimiento cheese! mimosa tree savannah  savannah  colonial cemetery - misplaced markers bonaventure cemeterysavannah savannah dolphin iron downspouts dolphin iron downspoutssavannah pirate house savannahsavannah ghost tour - gorgeous iron gateiron gate savannah savannah savannah savannah savannah savannah savannah savannah savannah savannah certificate in window of kennedy pharmacy kennedy pharmacy - scad project  tabby - shell and concrete DSC01236.JPG (42428 bytes)

club one

club one savannahsavannah savannah the lady chablis herself

monday - bonaventure; savannah to atlanta

drive through south savannah
bonaventure cemetery
take side highway for scenic return
southern food, finally, in montrose (including really, really large regulars; must explain this collection.)
meats, collards, okra and tomatoes, fried cornmeal mush, and several formerly green veggies cooked to death with bacon
scary street weapons in the gas station
ocmulgee national monument
claustrophobic earth lodge
cool mounds and a great visitor center
tom tom is christened "the lady chablis" or "magnolia"
downed trees
"jesus is coming"
bubba's bbq
jamie farr in a bar in the town squarr in smarr, which isn't far by car, if you don't lose a tar... 

bonaventure cemetery

bonaventure cemetery bonaventure cemetery bonaventure cemetery  bonaventure cemetery bonaventure cemetery bonaventure cemetery bonaventure cemetery bonaventure cemetery bonaventure cemetery

other sights

savannah southern buffet! savannahwaffle house!!! savannah savannah

ocmulgee national monument

savannah savannah savannah